Experience Trimper Sweets

Step into the world of delectable treats at Trimper Sweets, where every sweet tooth is met with pure bliss!

Experience Trimper Sweets!

Be sure to indulge your sweet tooth at Trimper Sweets, where pure temptation awaits at the south end of the boardwalk! Treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate experience with delectable chocolate-covered strawberries that melt in your mouth. Dare to explore unique flavors with our irresistible chocolate-covered bacon. Not to mention, our heavenly assortment of fudge varieties will satisfy every craving! Get ready to savor the sweetest moments at Trimper Sweets

OCMD Boardwalk

Experience life right on the Boardwalk with Trimper Apartments in the summer. BOOK NOW!

ocean city beach

Experience Ocean City, Maryland BEACH! Sandy toes no woes!

Experience Marty’s Playland Arcade. Featuring video games, pinball, air hockey and so much more! Try for  your top Skee Ball score!