Trimper Troupe for Historic 130th Year

Trimper Rides Historic 130th Year of Operations Ushers in the Trimper Troupe

The oldest family owned amusement park celebrates milestone with new additions to the family.

New Family Members: Trimper Troupe

What better way to ring in 130 seasons of welcoming guests back than to introduce them to the official Trimper Troupe!? Meet Murray,Gali, & friends—Trimper Rides’ new mascots!

Trimper Troupe Role Call

Main characters & best of friends

Introducing the Trimper Troupe! Celebrate 130 years with Trimper Rides and friends!
Introducing Gali, the crab! She is one of the mail characters of the Trimper Troupe!

Gali (Gal-ē, origin Hebrew, meaning wave) She is a fearless crab. She loves adventure and trying new things. Murray keeps her grounded and safe with his sage advice when her curiosity and need for speed can be too enticing.

Meet Murray, the Octopus! Hhe is one of the mail characters of the Trimper Troupe!

Murray (Mur-ē, origin Scottish, meaning settlement by the sea) He is an octopus. He is an unwavering friend, but has a cautious disposition. Gali’s companionship gives him the courage to meet new people and try new things.

  • Favorite ride: Balloons
  • Favorite food: Popcorn
  • Favorite game: Balloon Bust
Meet Buoy, the Marlin! He is one of the side characters of the Trimper Troupe!

Buoy is a happy go-lucky marlin and everyone’s sporting buddy! He is the first on the field and the loudest to cheer in the stands! If you have an extra ticket to the Shorebird’s give him a call. He’s always ready to join in a team sport! 

Meet Trench, the shark! He is one of the side characters of the Trimper Troupe!

Trench is a Shark that loves to laugh with friends but sometimes takes things too far for the sake of a joke. This behavior makes him a bit devious at times. He prides himself on all the anglers he tricks. Have you ever pulled up a whole lot of nothin’ on the Ocean City beach surf fishing and thought it was the “big one?” You probably were just TRENCHED! 

Meet Jetty, the dolphin! She is one of the side characters of the Trimper Troupe!

Jetty is a dolphin who prides herself on her intelligence! She always seems to foil Trench’s mischievous plans with common sense and facts. Her favorite ride is the Tidal Wave. She loves how physics meet up with fun for a perfect afternoon.

Meet Coral, the seahorse! She is one of the side characters of the Trimper Troupe!

Coral is a seahorse who has a passion for fashion! She’s always ready to give her friends the perfect accessory. Not tall enough for any ride, but loves to watch her friends play almost as much as she likes being an influencer on Instaclam.

Origin Story of the Trimper Troupe

The waters off the shores of Assateague Island are where Murray and Gali call home. The neighboring shore always amused them. The swirling lights, & sounds of pure joy always intrigued them but they didn’t investigate because of Murray’s shy nature until one fateful day… 

Like all other days, the two meet up to share in frollicking in the waves. The duo’s playing extends into the night. The games they play are so much fun they do not notice the dusk approaching or the storm moving in. The seas pick up and sweep Gali away toward the unknown shore and out of Murray’s sight. Murray’s love for his friend trumps all his fears and reservations; he swims in the direction he last saw Gali go. He sees Gali on the new shoreline and his glee of finding his friend allows him the courage to meet her on the sand of the mysterious beach. They walk towards the lights and music and find a whole world of fun and families! The two soon find out the name of this magical place…Trimper Rides! They can’t wait to tell their friends about it!

Be on the lookout for Murray and Gali and the rest of the Trimper Troupe, all summer long! Follow Trimper Rides to see where and when The Troupe is at Trimper Rides. The Trimper Troupe is ready to take pics with your loved ones!

Trimper Troupe events will be held throughout the entire 130th season. Guests can purchase wristbands at the park or online. Stay up to date on April weekend information and other upcoming events by visiting and following us on Facebook and Instagram.*

 * All park operations and events are weather-dependent. 


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