Mother’s Day: Margaret Trimper Biography

Mother’s Day: Honoring and Remembering Margaret Trimper

Most everyone knows something about Daniel Trimper, but few know anything about his wife, Margaret. Learn what very few know about Margaret and her involvement with the business.

Margaret was born July 9, 1852, in Baltimore, Maryland, to German immigrants Theodore (Tobias) and Katherine.

In 1874 she married Daniel Trimper, and later that year, she gave birth to her first child, also named Margaret. She would give birth to nine more children, only seven of whom would live to adulthood. The surviving children were Margaret, Caroline (Carrie), Elizabeth Matilda (Tillie), Katherine (Katie), Daniel (Dan), Elma, and Granville.

According to legend, in 1890, Daniel and Margaret left Baltimore, Maryland, and headed to Ocean City to vacation. They must have envisioned what Ocean City would become because beginning the following year in 1891 and ending in 1907, Margaret bought seven oceanfront lots. Yes, Margaret. Not Daniel. Not Daniel and Margaret. Just Margaret. 

Margaret Trimper

Margaret Trimper Bought the Property

Why did Margaret buy the property and not Daniel? At the time, it was common practice for immigrants to take on the custom of the society in which they lived. In Ocean City, the women ran the hotels and boarding houses while the men worked elsewhere. Considering that, Margaret and Daniel probably thought they would be accepted more if Margaret bought the properties. They were so committed to Ocean City that they sold their bar (saloon), catering, and event businesses by 1893.

When Margaret died on December 19, 1935, she and Daniel owned two hotels, an amusement park, and concessions. Her daughter Tillie died two years earlier, but her six remaining children survived her, and at least eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. 

This article was written by Tracey Hausel. Tracey is the great-great, granddaughter of Margaret and Daniel Trimper.

Mother’s Day at Trimper Rides

This Mother’s Day, we’re honoring dedicated and hardworking mothers, just like Margaret! Make mom’s day extra special by heading over to her favorite amusement park that she’s visited since she was a child. Experience the nostalgia that is Trimper Rides and take a family spin on the iconic Carousel that Margaret and her children once rode! She’s guaranteed to smile ear to ear when your whole family hops on her favorite ride of all time.

Mother's Day during May at Trimper Rides