Living History

Displaying Our Past History

We pride ourselves on our ‘Living History’ and all the works that go into breathing life back in to Trimper Rides each year. For one hundred and thirty years we have prepped, opened, and shutdown only to start the prep all over again. It brings us as much joy as it brings our guests that return year after year.

Behind the cars that so many generations have taken their first spin on our some display cases that you may not have taken notice. Inside you can find pictures of:

  • Margaret Trimper – founding owner
  • Daniel Trimper – founding owner
  • Trimper Rides during the ages
  • and so much more

Featured image: Trimper Rides current President, Scott Savage, as a child at Trimper Rides.

Enjoying Our History Today

Our oldest rides and amusement have brought joy to so many for decades:

  • Fairy Whip – 1920
  • Hershell-Spillman Carousel – opened 1912
  • Kiddie Carousel – 1925
  • Airplanes- 1949/1952
  • Bumper Cars – We don’t have a firm date. Still digging in our archives. Did you know the bumper cars along with other areas in Trimper Rides were featured in the movie, Violets are Blue starring Kevin Kline & Sissy Spacek

Your History

We love to hear from you, our guests. Please make sure to share your picture with us so one day they can be displayed in our cases for generations later to see what Trimper Rides was like 130 years ago. Send us pictures and comments on:

Join the Living History!