Daniel Trimper

Daniel B. Trimper was born on February 17, 1851, in Hesse-Cassel, Germany, to Christopher Trimper and Margaret Fisher Trimper. Their names, like most immigrants, were Americanized. The church register for Daniel’s baptism Christopher and Margaret’s names were written as Christoph and Anna Margaretha Trömpe.

Daniel Trimper Immigrates to the United States

Daniel immigrated to the United States in 1868. According to the 1870 census, Daniel lived with his mother, stepfather, maternal grandfather George Fisher, and three step or half-siblings. His occupation was a cigar maker. The family operated several saloons in the area currently occupied by sports complexes, but in Daniel’s time, it was known as the German district. It is unknown when his father died, if his parents had more children, or if Christopher immigrated to the United States. However, there were and are quite a few Trimpers in Baltimore.



Margaret and Daniel Start their Life Together

Daniel married Margaret Born in 1874. Later that year, their daughter Margaret would be born. The couple had nine more children, with only seven living to adulthood.

At some point, Daniel and Margaret either took over one of the family’s saloons or opened their own. Legend has it it was called the Silver Dollar due to the silver dollars embedded in the floor. However, a notice in the Baltimore Sun on February 13, 1890, refers to the saloon as the Crystal Palace, while in Daniel’s obituary, it is referred to as the famous Silver Dollar Inn. Hopefully, someday we’ll learn which is true. Daniel and Margaret catered to many events, such as a masquerade ball. For sale ads for the saloon began appearing in the Baltimore Sun in January 1893.


The Trimpers in Ocean City

Daniel and Margaret visited Ocean City in 1890, according to family lore. The following year Margaret bought the first oceanfront lot and continued to purchase oceanfront lots until 1907. Daniel continued to do business in Baltimore and perhaps elsewhere, such as being a concessionaire at a Granger’s picnic in Baltimore and applying to operate a carousel with Rudoph Dolle in 4 parks in Baltimore. Rudolph and Daniel did not win that bid.

Daniel was not only a businessman, but he was charitable, sat on the vestry (board of directors) of St. Paul’s by-the-sea Episcopal Church, and was an Ocean City councilman. He lost a mayoral election by one vote to Captain W.B.S. Powell in 1914.

Controversially, Daniel was arrested for running a speakeasy in 1910, for which no evidence of a trial could be found in local newspapers. This is before the eighteenth amendment prohibiting the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol.

Daniel and Margaret owned two hotels and an amusement park in Ocean City before his death. Daniel B. Trimper died on March 18, 1929. Family lore states the armored horse was Daniel’s favorite animal on the carousel, and a floral display in the shape of the armored horse was made for his funeral.

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