A funeral for Daniel Trimper’s Dog

Was there a funeral for Daniel Trimper‘s dog?

You will find some interesting articles and snippets of everyday life when researching old newspaper archives. The social pages will say when someone left and returned from a business trip or a vacation or when someone was in the hospital.

You won’t find many notices or reports of a dog funeral. Especially an elaborate dog funeral. That’s exactly what was found in the January 13, 1938 edition of the Democratic Messenger published in Snow Hill, Maryland.

When Daniel Trimper died, his son-in-law, Captain William Hudson was made responsible for his dog. Eight years later the dog got sick. Captain Hudson ordered a concrete vault and coffin to be made for the dog. The dog recovered but died about a year later.

According to the newspaper clipping, an elaborate funeral was had for the dog on the Hudsons’ St. Martin’s Farm in West Berlin. There were active pallbearers and mourners, and scripture was read.