Special Needs Day at Trimper Rides

May 21 – Special Needs Day at Trimper Rides

In 2020, Trimper Rides welcomed the, Autistic Children’s Support Group of Worcester County, a group started by a Board Member and Shareholder, Wendy DiBou. Now it is a yearly event open for even more groups to take part in!

Each year Trimper Rides meets with Wendy and coordinates with her group leaders to bring those that are part of ACSGWC an opportunity to enjoy the park as a group. In efforts to make the event extra memorable, Trimper Rides has worked with their staff to educate them on how to best help. Wendy herself has guided this training project. Some more ways Trimper Rides worked to make the experience optimal:

  •  Dates that work best amongst all the other traffic through Ocean City.
  • Alternatives to the wristband for admission, if that wasn’t quite the best fit for our guests.

This year Trimper Rides is opening the invite to a larger community of special needs, by inviting more special needs group to participate.

Trimper Rides again utilized Wendy as a resource. At her suggestion an experience document was created. After some direction and recommendations a one-page description of places  guests may encounter and what they could expect if they came to a ride or food service station was created.

Special Needs Day 2023 at Trimper Rides

Any guest can enjoy the park that day but a discount will be for guests with special needs and their support system. Organization created to help, support, and encourage all different special needs people are asked to reach out to our marketing department for discounted rates on May 21, 2023. Organizations that obtained a code can share the code with their members. Members can use the code to get a discount on the Trimper Rides website Trimper Rides website or at Guest Services the day of the event.

Click to view & download full document, Learn About Trimper Rides Experience

Here is our full document with an explanation of the arrival, rides, and food experiences at Trimper Rides.

Special Needs Day – Quiet Place

The OC Life Saving Museum is a nice place to learn more about Ocean City history during a visit to OCMD, but Trimper Rides is partnering with the Ocean City Life Saving Museum as a ‘quiet place’ for the event. The museum is located just south on the Boardwalk from the park. The OC Life Saving Museum has generously offered their space at no cost to the event attendees. Some guests maybe overwhelmed by all the sensory experiences in the park, anyone attending Special Needs Day may go to the Life Saving Museum that day to get away from the lights and sounds of the park. The Life Saving Museum will not be noise free, but it will not have all the multi-sensory stimulation of the park. Guests of Special Needs Day may simply enter the Ocean City Life Saving Museum on May 21 for a break.

Special Needs Day Discount Code

Guests must have a code for a discount & all codes are provided through an organization. All requests must be received by May 12.

To receive a discount code: