ride the rides!

Kiddie Attractions

Each rider under the stated height must ride with a companion capable of ensuring the child's compliance with all safety rules.


These WWI flyers have guns ready to do battle in the next dogfight. One of our earliest attractions, it's a great "first flight" ride for your little Flying Ace.

Max Height: 50 inches

Big Dodgem

The ultimate stress-buster! Nothing like a classic bumper car ride to make you feel like a kid again. It's the most fun you'll ever have in traffic!

Min Height: 54 inches

Big Merry-Go-Round

The Pride of the Boardwalk, our menagerie carousel is a beautiful piece of American history. Young, old, everyone in between - find joy here for the whole family!

Fire Engines

Be one of OC's Bravest! One of our earliest attractions and a perfect first ride, our fire engines honor the heroes of our local companies.

Hampton I & II

Classic carnival car rides to please your discriminating driver. City favorites like School bus, fire truck, hot rod Mustang or a ‘Vette. For those who prefer off-road excitement, we offer dune buggy and snowmobile action.

Max Height: 54 inches

Kiddie Dodgems

All the excitement of the big boys but sized right for the little ones!

Max Height: 54 inches

Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Historic mini version of the carnival classic. Enjoy the view from above.

Max Height: 48 inches

Small Merry-Go-Round

The mini version of our beloved carousel is sized right for little hands. Only a few years younger than the big carousel, this beauty is worth a look!

Max Height: 48 inches

Water Boats

Enjoy the ride as your boat tours past our sleepy little fishing village.

Max Height: 46 inches


Anticipation is everything! Another of our historic mini attractions, this classic whip ride continues to thrill each new generation of guests.

Max Height: 48 inches

Wild West Train

All Aboard! Head for the depot and catch your train ride to fun!

For All Ages

Each rider under the stated height must ride with a companion capable of ensuring the child's compliance with all safety rules.

Baja Buggy

Your adventure will enjoy all the thrills and bumps of jumping from dune to dune. It's awesome, Dude!

Min Height: 36 inches

Balloon Up Up And Away

Colorful mini hot-air balloons offer a gentle flight. It's hard not to get carried away!


Valiant heroes and ladies fair, start your quest as you step through the gates and imagine battling giant knights and evading fiery dragons. Reach the tower and slide to your escape as you claim your victory!

Max Height: 58 inches


Pull back on the joystick to control your ship. Soar high or fly low below the enemy's radar - you are in command.

Max Height: 48 inches


The world turns upside down in this cutting edge twist on a nostalgic favorite. Get swept away as the Endeavor's open-air passenger seats whisk riders into a tornado of motion and dazzling lights display reaching heights of 60 feet in the air!

Min Height: 48 inches

Fiesta Balloon Ferris Wheel

Float through the air on our unique hexagonal ferris wheel festooned with beautiful gondolas suspended from multicolored hot-air balloons. Sized right for the little ones, but fun for the whole family!

Min Height: 30 inches

Flying Tigers

Soar among the clouds in your own famous WWII Flying Tiger warplane.

Min Height: 36 inches


Swinging free-fall action, dazzling lights, surging pounding beats make this a repeat favorite! Once is never enough!

Min Height: 48 inches

Frog Hopper

Up, Up, Up! Bounce and laugh along with your favorite frog.

Happy Swing

Like a large swing, the movement provides exciting acceleration and air time at the top of each swing.

Min Height: 36 inches

Haunted House

Tour the award- winning masterpiece of thrills & chills that is the home of Count Wolf Von Vinderstein! Your coffin awaits!

Min Height: 42 inches


Imagine sledding through wintry mountain scenes to the sounds of the latest hot hits! Himalaya speed keeps ‘em coming back for more!

Min Height: 48 inches

Merry Mixer

Get scrambled! Fun that takes you here, there and everywhere!

Min Height: 40 inches

Mirror Maze

Is it left or right? Didn't I just come from there? Puzzle your way through our fabulous maze.

Pirate's Cove

Award-winning dark funhouse. The most exciting funhouse in all the Seven Seas!

Min Height: 42 inches

Puppy Ride

A gentle glide-good starter-flight ride. Elephants aren't the only ones who can fly!

Min Height: 36 inches


Experience heroic adventure on our open-air funhouse. Climb, slide and cross the rope bridge-before it's too late.

Min Height: 36 inches

Rock & Roll Matterhorn

It's hard to resist the beat as your speeding car rocks and swings to the latest and greatest hits.

Min Height: 48 inches

Rockin' Tug

Weather the perfect storm in our trusty boat. Wave-like action sends you into a spin-don't lose your bearings!

Min Height: 42 inches

Sooper Jet

Turbulent thrills on every hill! This sleek blue jet makes perfect first coaster ride - and you don't have to go through security!

Min Height: 36 inches

Max Height: 58 inches


Attention NASCAR fans! You don't have to go to Dover to get great racing action!

Spinning Coaster

Get ready for a topsy-turvy family-friendly riding experience! Brightly colored free spinning pods transport riders on a whirling journey around a figure-eight track!

Min Height: 48 inches


Join the Party! Spin fast or slow, ‘round and ‘round in your own little teacup!

Min Height: 36 inches

Tidal Wave

An OC landmark - feel the rush of a pounding wave as you brave our spectacular looping roller coaster. Beware the undertow - before you can recover our coaster takes another surge - Backwards!

Min Height: 48 inches


A carnival classic-just like you remember! Get the gang together and make your car list, pitch and spin ‘round and ‘round!

Min Height: 46 inches

Wacky Worm

Hop aboard this kooky caterpillar as he takes you on a wild ride! Fun, funky colors accent this quirky junior roller coaster.

Min Height: 36 inches


Thrill seekers "flip" for this carnival classic. Caged cars topple as the center axis spins back and forth. Dare ya to make your car spin faster!