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Major changes: Trimper’s sees total shift in management

OC Today | Stewart Dobson | Mar 12, 2020

Sources familiar with the operations of the Trimper's Rides company said a big shift in management had occurred. Family members declined to comment. New directions possible under different leadership

Trimper’s Rides, the oldest continuously family-operated amusement park in the country, is about to undergo some changes, as will the family corporation, Windsor Resorts Inc., which owns the amusements and numerous other Boardwalk properties in Ocean City.

Exactly what kind of changes are unknown, except that the branch of the Trimper family that has managed the company since 1980, stepped down this week, thus allowing other members of the clan to assume control.


Trimper’s Rides and Amusement Park

Family Vacation Critic | January, 2020

Established in 1887, Trimper’s Rides and Amusement Park has been been a staple on Ocean City’s Boardwalk since anyone can remember. Located on the boardwalk near the inlet, the area includes over 100 rides and games. Relive your childhood on Trimpers newly restored 1902 Herschel-Spellman antique carousel featuring hand-carved wooded animals of every imaginable shape and size.


Who doesn’t love a carousel ride?

Trip Hobo | December, 2018

Who doesn’t love a carousel ride? Trimper’s Amusement Park has been providing this very joy to their guests for over 100 years now. This historic amusement park, known to have one of the oldest carousels in the country, has definitely changed over the years, but the element of fun is something they never compromise on. Bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, carnival cars, Ferris wheel, water boats and Wild West train, are just some of the highlights for children of this wonderland. You can also enter the magical world of Aladdin or be scared to your wit’s end at the Haunted House or lose yourself in Mirror Maze or board the Pirate’s ship. This place is a classic amusement park, blended with some thrilling new rides, that will definitely keep you excited.


Trimper's Amusement Park

Grand Hotel & Spa | MAY 22, 2017

Since 1887, Trimper’s Rides and Amusement Park has been offering family friendly entertainment to visitors in Ocean City, Maryland.


Trimper's Rides is Second Oldest Family-Owned Amusement Park

WBOC , July 20, 2016

A summertime staple in Ocean City for more than 100 years, Trimper's Rides might be even more historic than most people thought. According to Jim Futrell of the National Amusement Park Historical Association, Trimper's is the second oldest family-owned amusement park in the world. Trimper's opened in 1893, 51 years after a family-owned park in England called Blackgang Chine. But Futrell points out that Blackgang Chine was not really an amusement park until well after Trimper's was.


Twenty dollars buys priceless nostalgia

Baltimore Magazine, Kerry J. Byrne, June 22, 2015

50 Reasons Why We Love Our Beach: For two sawbucks (40 tickets), enjoy carny classics at Trimper’s Rides, Ocean City’s oldest amusement park (founded in 1890): bumper cars, the haunted house, the mirror maze, tilt-a-whirl, the Zipper, and the park’s vintage merry-go-round. 700 S. Atlantic Ave., 410-289-8617.


19 of the best boardwalks in America

CNN by Robert Firpo-Cappiello on August 23, 2013

#6 on the list: A carousel dating back to 1902, free boardwalk entertainment, and the classic vibe of a relaxed beach town make Ocean City's boardwalk one of the most popular stops on the Atlantic. For a taste of '50s-style seaside fare, drop by Atlantic Stand for fried chicken, soft crabs, and burgers