Trimper Rides

Come back to Ocean City and experience the nostalgia of your childhood!

Since 1890, Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City is the oldest continuously family owned and operated amusement park in the world. Trimper’s has entertained millions of families with the Herschell-Spillman Merry-Go-Round, Bill Tracy Haunted House, the world-class Tidal Wave coaster, thrilling rides and unique attractions. Our mission at Trimper’s Rides of OC is to create action- packed family fun.

From morning ‘til night, you can wander the whirling, blinking, raucous, neon-lit fun fest that is the boardwalk. Stop at Trimper’s to ride the Himalaya, crash bumper cars, and bop Whac-A-Moles at Trimper’s! Shoot Skee-Ball and virtual street race, at Marty’s Playland.

Visit Trimper’s for an action packed, family-fun experience.

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A May to Remember

Bring the whole family to enjoy rides and games at the beach, indulge in made-from-scratch foods with a carnival twist, and engage in themed weekends designed to educate and inspire. Special activities will be free of charge, and unlimited ride wristbands for $26. Doors open at noon.

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