Mother’s Day: Margaret Trimper Biography

Margaret at Trimper Rides
Mother's Day: Honoring and Remembering Margaret Trimper Most everyone knows something about Daniel Trimper, but few know anything about his wife, Margaret. Learn what very few know about Margaret and her involvement with the business. Margaret was born July 9, 1852, in Baltimore, Maryland, to German immigrants Theodore (Tobias) and Katherine. In 1874 she married ... Read more

A funeral for Daniel Trimper’s Dog

Was there a funeral for Daniel Trimper's dog? You will find some interesting articles and snippets of everyday life when researching old newspaper archives. The social pages will say when someone left and returned from a business trip or a vacation or when someone was in the hospital. You won't find many notices or reports ... Read more

Daniel Trimper

Daniel B. Trimper was born on February 17, 1851, in Hesse-Cassel, Germany, to Christopher Trimper and Margaret Fisher Trimper. Their names, like most immigrants, were Americanized. The church register for Daniel's baptism Christopher and Margaret's names were written as Christoph and Anna Margaretha Trömpe. Daniel Trimper Immigrates to the United States Daniel immigrated to the ... Read more

Living History

Historical Images of Trimper Rides
Displaying Our Past History We pride ourselves on our 'Living History' and all the works that go into breathing life back in to Trimper Rides each year. For one hundred and thirty years we have prepped, opened, and shutdown only to start the prep all over again. It brings us as much joy as it ... Read more