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Trimper's Halloween is a Real Treat as the Thrills-N-Chills Continue...

Trimper’s is doling out all treats, no tricks at it’s upcoming Nightmare of Freak Street event.

From October 23rd to the 25th, Trimper's is hosting a variety of spooktacular activities including a scary Monster Maze and wicked performances by Nate and Jim and Lauren Glick and DJ Spin. Guests can enjoy a myriad of Fall festivities: pumpkin decorating, pumpkin ring toss, and scarecrow stuffing!

Warm the chill in the air from all of the Halloween spirits with a glass of hot apple cider and homemade apple cider donuts covered in cinnamon sugar. Trimper’s hopes to see you there...if you dare!

Trimper's Thrills and Chills is Fridays starting at 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays at noon. Admission is $20. The community event is supported by Bank of Ocean City, Kevin Decker and Joe Wilson, The Coast Dispatch, Radio 94.9 KHI, East View Farms, Nana's Hot Chicken and Marty's Playland.

Trimper's To Host First SunFunOC Event Next Weekend

Ocean City-- September 24, 2020 – While Sunfest has been canceled this year, a resort business is planning a new festival for the first weekend in October.

Next weekend, Trimper’s Rides will hold its first annual SunFunOC festival.

From Oct. 2-4, the amusement park will host more than 30 arts and crafts vendors and offer $2 games, rides and food all day.

“In the spirit of Sunfest we created a new festival,” said Trimper’s Rides President Antoinette Bruno, “and we are going to do it every year.”

In August, the Mayor and Council canceled Sunfest because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. In its place, Special Events Director Frank Miller pitched an alternative SunLITE festival.

Similar to the annual Sunfest event, the scaled-down SunLITE festival featured arts and crafts vendors, but at various outdoor venues throughout the resort. But when the town received a lackluster response from vendors and resort businesses, the concept was shelved for 2020.

Bruno said the park worked closely with Miller to come up with ideas for the proposed SunLITE festival. For example, Trimper’s worked with a developer to create a Bingo game that encouraged SunLITE participants to visit various resort businesses for an opportunity to win prizes.

But when SunLITE concept was scrubbed, Bruno said Trimper’s decided to host a special event of its own.

“We put so much effort into it that we decided to go it alone and created SunFunOC,” she said. “We did this because we felt like visitors still had hotel reservations without something to do.”

From noon to 5 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Trimper’s will offer $2 games, rides and food and Marty’s Playland will offer 50% off video games. Inlet Village will also host a sidewalk sale, while Nana’s Hot Chicken – located in the center of Trimper’s outdoor rides – will offer $2 Chicken on a Stick, homemade cookies, cake pops, iced tea, and mini Big Wheels.

“We’re also planning a band one day, karaoke another day and a DJ one day,” Bruno said. “So there will be lots of entertainment all weekend.”

On South 1st Street, the park will host arts and crafts vendors, including Art Sea, Maret Maiste, J.L. Schlegel, Avante Painting, Pooley Glass Engravers, Green Bead Glass, Swirly Bracelets, Something4Me Jewelry and Silver Mine, to name a few.

“We have 103,000 square feet and that’s just in the amusement park alone,” Bruno said. “That doesn’t even count South 1st Street. We can safely host 20,000 people in the park and still be COVID friendly … We have a lot of space and welcome any Ocean City businesses that want to participate.”

For more information, or to become a vendor, visit or call Trimper’s Rides at 410-289-8617.

While the festival will take place from noon to 5 p.m. throughout the weekend, Bruno said Trimper’s will stay open as long as people are in the park.

September Brings a Host of Events, Fun, and Postcard Weather in OC, MD

Today may mark the end of summer in the minds of many but in Ocean City it is just the start of the Best Month Ever!

Trimper’s Rides got a late start this year, but is taking this opportunity to unveil new outdoor experiences in its 103,000 square feet celebrating locals & loyal tourists all month long.

Coming this week, Trimper’s invites Limitless car fans to show off their hot wheels In The Park this Saturday and Sunday, September 12-13th.

On Sept 18-19th, we invite all bikers into Trimper’s for our first ever bike show. Finishing off the weekend supporting our beloved local charity Believe in Tomorrow.

In pursuit of the endless summer, Trimper’s has waited to announce its best celebration of the year, a new annual family and Covid friendly festival, SunFunOC coming to Ocean City!

With food, music, arts and crafts vendors and $2 all games and rides for the kids, SunFunOC is the best way to end the summer!

Lastly, we understand how disappointing it's been that many of our beloved events continue to get cancelled this year, and one of the reasons Trimper’s wants to put a smile on the faces of its loyal patrons with special discount days all month for Hospitality Workers 1st Responders and our Veterans and we now offer Donate as a way to raise funds for all your favorite clubs, associations and charities - just register your non-profit group, spread the word to your loyal supporters and Trimper’s will donate up to $5 per ticket*. Check our website for more details on how to sign up.

Resort-Run SunLITE Concept Shelved; Private Sector May Organize Some Other Events

The Dispatch I September 2, 2020

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City Mayor and Council took a pass on a proposed scaled-down alternative to Sunfest in the first weekend of October, but a combination of private businesses and organizations are picking up the ball.

Last month, the Mayor and Council cancelled Sunfest for 2020 because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions including the elimination of live entertainment and the food tent, for example. Instead, town officials considered an alternative SunLITE event proposed by Special Events Director Frank Miller.

SunLITE would include many of the familiar arts and crafts vendors on the same weekend, but the event would be spread out in a different format at various outdoor venues throughout the town, including possibly the concrete tram portion of the Boardwalk and limited use of the Inlet lot.

City Manager Doug Miller two weeks ago estimated the town’s investment in pulling off the SunLite concept could be in the $50,000 to $100,000 range, and before committing the Mayor and Council wanted to gage the interest in the event from the vendors and other participants, and the resort’s business community. To that end, the Mayor and Council directed Frank Miller to reach out to vendors who had committed to Sunfest this year find out if the majority would still come for the watered-down SunLITE concept. Frank Miller told the Mayor and Council during Tuesday’s work session the vendors who he contacted were roughly split down the middle on their commitment to SunLITE.

“More than 50% of the vendors surveyed responded they were interested in the SunLITE concept,” he said. “There are some discrepancies in how interested they are based on if they are provided with tents and so forth.”

Frank Miller was also instructed to attempt to gage the interest in SunLITE from the business community, whose participation would be essential to the success of the event. Frank Miller told the Mayor and Council he utilized email lists of organizations such as the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association and the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, among others, to reach out to the business community with a survey, the results of which were tepid to say the least.

“In a survey to gage local business support for the concept, 2,223 emails went out, and of those we recovered 50 completed surveys. “Needless to say, that number was disappointing. That’s nothing against the local business community. 2020 has been a difficult year. With that said, this concept requires the proactive participation of the business community.”

With a roughly 50-50 split for the vendors and a less-than-stellar response from the business community, Frank Miller recommended putting SunLITE, as it was originally proposed, on the shelf for 2020. Instead, he said some businesses and organizations, including the Downtown Association, the Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) and the private sector Trimper’s Rides, have expressed interest in producing some kind of special events on the proposed weekend.

“The recommendation is for the town not to produce this event,” he said. “There are some businesses and organizations that wanted to see this event happen and are stepping up with ideas of their own. The Downtown Association wants to move forward and do something special for that weekend. The same goes for OCDC and Trimper’s.”

Among the ideas floated for the private-sector version of SunLITE were some vendors at different locations, a possible scavenger hunt around the downtown area, and a possible drive-in movie, for example. For its part, Trimper’s Rides would like to utilize the same footprint for the farmer’s market it ran for much of the summer for various special events over the course of a couple of weekends. The recommendation was to facilitate the private sector special events, including the downtown association, the OCDC and Trimper’s, for example, while not hosting an official SunLITE event produced and sanctioned by the town.

“There is plenty of opportunity still for 2020,” said Frank Miller. “We can help clear the way for the downtown association and Trimper’s, for example, to produce their own events. Normally, those would have to go through the private event process, but there isn’t time, so we can streamline that process and issue permits as long as the directives are met.”

Councilman Mark Paddack expressed frustration in the lack of response from the business community.

“What irritates me about this entire thing is 2,223 emails went out and we only got 50 responses, and five of those were duplicates,” he said. “That’s deplorable. So, my question to the HMRA and chamber members is, do you want people in town or don’t you?”

Council President Lloyd Martin said the timing of the email survey in mid- to late-August in what has already been a challenging summer for resort businesses likely contributed to the weak response.

“Our business partners are so busy right now,” he said. “Many of them might have not seen the email, much less had time to respond. I know they are short-staffed and are just trying to keep it going right now.”

Mayor Rick Meehan agreed with both Paddack and Martin to some degree.

“The response was disappointing,” he said. “In their defense, the businesses have no help and they are stretched pretty thin right now.”

Councilman John Gehrig said he supported the private sector’s efforts to fill the void on what would have been Sunfest, or SunLITE, weekend, and said the town should provide the support to make it happen, but he did not want any significant financial contribution for the city.

“I’m fine with the whole thing,” he said. “I just don’t want to invest any funds in it, especially not a drive-in movie. We have someone in the private sector doing that and I don’t think we should compete with them. We can invest time and resources with public works and public safety, I just don’t want to use the funds because they are there.”

Frank Miller explained the proposed private sector events under the umbrella of the SunLITE banner were just now coming together.

“SunLITE is a work in progress,” he said. “The drive-in movie is just one concept along with a bunch of other elements. We want to look at all of the options and that seemed like a fairly easy opportunity.”

The council voted unanimously to support the private sector efforts to fill what would have been Sunfest weekend with privately-funded and produced events.

Trimper’s Rides presents “The Inlet Eye in the Sky”

Trimper’s Rides Inlet Eye Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Saturday

Ocean City, MD— June 24, 2020 Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the park this season which will forever change the skyline of Ocean City. Trimper’s Wheel, “The Inlet Eye”, inches shy of 150 feet in the air, with 36 enclosed gondolas spinning for 8-10 minutes, gives our guests an incredible never-before view of Ocean City spanning fourteen-miles from Assateague to Fenwick.

Boasting 33,000 LED lights with 254,000 individual points of light, ‘The Inlet Eye’ is one of the tallest structures in Ocean City and will mesmerize audiences both riding and admiring from afar.

Antoinette Bruno, President of Trimper Rides of Ocean City said, “We are excited to have collaborated with Michael Wood, owner of Wood Entertainment, to bring the Inlet Eye to our park. We are proud to host one of two Big Wheels in the United States.” The Inlet Eye was manufactured in the Netherlands, travelled over 1,000 miles on 12 tractor trailers to get here, weighing over 400,000 pounds, containing five miles of electrical wire.

A family of four can ride the Trimper’s Inlet Eye for $25, single rider $10 for adults and $6 for children under 12. The Inlet Eye will also be included in pay-one-price wristbands.

The ribbon cutting ceremony unveils the Inlet Eye this Saturday, June 27th at noon at Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City. Please join us for a day of fun, music by Marcella Peters, live performers and giveaways throughout the day. The first 126 guests, one for each year the amusement park has been open, will ride the Inlet Eye for free!

Ocean City Prepares for Fourth of July Weekend

WRDE Coast TV| July 2, 2020

Trimper's Rides is also launching a concert series set to begin on Sunday. President of the amusement attraction, Antoinette Bruno, stating that a getaway at the park could be an outlet for those experiencing cabin fever amid the pandemic.

"People have felt caged in with no ability to have any fun, and Trimper's is all about fun. We want you to rock and ride", says Antoinette Bruno, President of Trimper Rides in Ocean City.

Ocean City Amusement Park Unveils 150 ft "Inlet Eye"

Chesapeake Bay| June 28, 2020

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan called the Inlet Eye “a fantastic addition to Ocean City” that will enhance the Trimper’s Rides family tradition and enhance the resort town as a whole.

Give us a chance: Maryland businesses make a plea to Gov. Hogan

47 ABC| June 8, 2020

“Give us the chance to show you we can play by the rules. We have been playing by the rules. We can keep our guests and employees safe,” says Antoinette Bruno, president of Trimper’s Rides in Ocean City.

We can’t just exist in this void” – Ocean City amusement parks and arcades say they’re running out of time, money

47 ABC| June 4, 2020

“We are still excited, but Governor, if we don’t reopen it’ll all be for naught,” says Antoinette Bruno, President of Trimper’s Rides in Ocean City.

Trimper’s Rides Planning To Host Weekly Greenmarket

MD Coastal Dispatch| May 28, 2020

A new farmers market will debut at Trimper’s Rides this week.

Trimper’s Rides Planning To Host Weekly Greenmarket

May 28, 2020 by Bethany Hooper

OCEAN CITY – A new farmers market will debut at Trimper’s Rides this week.

Beginning this Friday, Trimper’s Rides will debut its weekly Trimper’s Greenmarket.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Friday, the Greenmarket will provide a platform for local farmers to sell their goods to the public and the city’s restaurants.

Trimper’s Rides President Antoinette Bruno said the market will be an opportunity to support local vendors and buy fresh produce.

“I feel pretty strongly that the Greenmarket can be a center for community in our city,” she said. “With all that’s going on with COVID-19 and with the delayed opening of the city and the amusement park, we thought what better activity to bring locals and visitors alike together.”

Bruno said six vendors – Goat Plum Tree Farm, Fresh Harvest Hydroponics, Cropper’s Farm, Cross Farms, Blades Orchard and Another Good Cookie – are expected to participate in the first Greenmarket event this Friday. She noted that several more vendors will join as the season continues.

“We talked to 30 vendors that will join us over the course of the summer, but a lot of people just don’t have a lot of produce to sell yet …,” she said. “I think the market will build as the season gets going.”

The Greenmarket will take place at Trimper’s Rides each Friday through Nov. 27. In addition to vendors, the farmers market will feature live music and cooking demonstrations from Ocean City’s local chefs. Singer Marcella Peters will perform at Friday’s inaugural Greenmarket event.

“You crawl before you walk,” Bruno said. “But we are investing in this market and want it to be a success.”

Bruno said she is excited to bring a farmers market to downtown Ocean City. She explained that as visitors stock up on food for their vacation, and as restaurants plan their weekly menus, they will be able to take advantage of all the items the Greenmarket has to offer.

“We’ve submitted a proposal to the town of Ocean City to take over South 1st Street,” she said. “As the market grows in size, we hope to take over the whole street.”

The Greenmarket is the first of many community events coming to the park this summer, Bruno said. Trimper’s Rides will also introduce an “In the Park” series that includes “Art in the Park,” “Dine in the Park,” and “Star in the Park.”

Trimper’s will partner with the Art League of Ocean City to display local artwork and host an art competition as part of its “Art in the Park” event. Officials are also planning a ticketed event later this year to showcase local culinary talent as part of its “Dine in the Park” event. Lastly, the amusement park will host a Sister City Concert Series, which will feature a lineup of up-and-coming bands from the Baltimore region.

“Baltimore has one of the top indie scenes in the country, and we are going to take advantage of that,” she said.

Bruno said each series event will be scheduled as restrictions related to the pandemic are lifted and the amusement park reopens. Until then, she encouraged people to support the local vendors and visit the Greenmarket on Fridays.

Bruno added that the public will also have an opportunity to tour the park during the Greenmarket and view the improvements that are being made to the facility.

“We’ve been restoring the park since the beginning of March,” she said. “We’ve repaved the park, added 11 new rides, repainted and scrubbed the carousel building and restored our antique children’s rides. Our park is shining.”

For more information on Trimper’s Greenmarket, visit

Ocean City boardwalk staple Trimper's Rides opening farmer's market

Salisbury Daily Times| May 27, 2020

Rose Velazquez, Salisbury Daily TimesPublished 10:38 a.m. ET May 27, 2020

Ocean City Boardwalk staple Trimper's Rides is debuting its newest attraction this week.

The decades old beach town fixture announced in a Facebook post it will be launching a farmer's market Friday. It's the first in a series of community events coming to the amusement park this summer.

Trimper's Greenmarket will be open every Friday from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. through Thanksgiving to give Eastern Shore farmers an opportunity to reach Ocean City community members and restaurants.

Trimper’s Rides ready for 2020 season after renovations

Coastal Point| April 21, 2020

Substantial investments and preservation of 127-year history for Iconic Ocean City landmark

As the nation deals with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the Trimper family is preparing to open as soon as it's safe to do so.

Trimper’s Rides, the oldest continuously family-owned and operated amusement park in the country, will have a new look this summer, with 10 new rides and renovated old favorites.

With the substantial investments being made to the park, representatives said visitors to Trimper’s this summer can enjoy fundamental improvements to the guest experience, along with a new “Thrill Pass” swipe card, “Pay One Price” wristbands (day and night) and free WiFi. As part of the revitalization, new food and beverage outlets are planned, including a special-events party room, improving the quality of meal options available, they said.

Building on the historical appeal of some of its longest-existing attractions, the Trimper’s team — consisting of direct descendants leading back to its 1893 founder Daniel Trimper, along with some of its longtime staff and new management members — will be looking to their archives and those of the Maryland and Worcester historical societies to ensure the renovation is historically accurate while introducing modern-day technologies and conveniences.

Antoinette Bruno and Scott Savage, Windsor Resort’s board members leading the charge said, “It’s a privilege to lead this revitalization project and ensure the future success of such an iconic part of Ocean City.”

Windsor representatives said they were happy to announce the addition of new General Manager Mike O’Neil, a 25-year veteran of the amusement park industry. O'Neil remarked, “The Park will have a fresh new look, new rides, new uniforms and new games. I'm excited to oversee the transformation of Trimper's Rides.”

Existing tickets and ride passes will be honored through Labor Day 2020, and the Trimper’s team plans to do their part to ensure a safe and healthy summer season.

Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City, an Maryland landmark enjoyed by generations, is affiliated with Windsor Resorts Inc. which also operates Marty’s Playland and the Inlet Village, and employs 200 workers each year.

The new Board of Directors includes Antoinette Bruno, Wendy Dibuo, Bill Hopkins, Laura Minker and Scott Savage.

New plans for Trimper’s

OC Today | Elizabeth Bonin| April 23, 2020

Management change brings ‘fresh vision’ to Boardwalk staple

(April 24, 2020) With a new board of directors and management taking over Trimper’s Rides last month, major changes are rolling out for Ocean City’s landmark amusement park.

The new board of directors will be led by Antoinette Bruno, Wendy Dibuo, Bill Hopkins, Laura Minker and Scott Savage. Mike O’Neil, a 25-year veteran of the amusement park industry, will take over as the general manager.

The takeover pitted one side of the Trimper family against the other, with a new stockholder majority apparently dissatisfied with the park’s financial circumstances.

“The park’s performance had been deteriorating over the last decade and the shareholders felt that a new management team and a new board would make sense to ensure the future of the park,” said Bruno, the president of Trimper’s Rides and Daniel Trimper III’s daughter.

Bruno later added that “With a fresh vision, a new generation of family management has been tasked to ensure success for the future.”

She said that the new board is more diverse – it represents five of the six original families, while the old board only represented one. There is still one more board spot open, which Bruno hopes will be filled by the end of the year.

She said the new management is excited for its revitalization plan, which includes a dozen new games on the Boardwalk and 10 new rides. One of the new rides will be a slide.

“This is kind of similar to what you would see in a waterpark except riders slide down a three-lane 100-foot long slide on a mat,” Bruno said. “We’re also getting a super shot.”

The super shot lifts riders up on a tower-like structure and then drops to the bottom.

Some of the new rides are simply replacing the older ones, such as the tilt-a-whirl, a new apple ride, a new Traffic Jam and a new Round Up.

Trimper’s will lease the 10 new rides from Deggeller Attractions. It will also renovate several rides, such as the merry-go-round and the Pirate’s Cove fun house.

As for ticketing, the park will replace paper tickets with a “Thrill Pass” swipe card, which can also be used at Marty’s Play Land. Bruno said this will be convenient for families to swipe at any of the rides they choose.

The pay-one-price during the day will be extended into the night hours. Guests will receive a wristband for any of the rides for one price. Special events such as birthday parties will have the option for a game pass that will also work in Marty’s Play Land.

Those special events can be hosted in three upcoming party rooms.

Bruno said Trimper’s is addressing maintenance issues that have been sidelined, such has replacing the inlet village roof, repaving the park, repainting and re-carpeting the staff apartments and removing candy and soda machines.

Instead, the park will introduce new food and beverage outlets, such as chicken with a range of heats that guests can choose from. Bruno said she is excited to unveil healthier food alternatives once those are determined.

“We’re looking at the park in a fresh new way,” Bruno said. “We’re looking at what the guest experience is and how we can make that the best possible experience.”

She added that one of Trimper’s most exciting additions is free WiFi.

“It is a makeover, but we’re paying attention to the historic nature of the park,” Bruno said. “We understand that we have a very important, iconic, historical landmark and we are not going to take away that charm. We’re going to preserve the family legacy and historic detail while bringing in some modern efficiencies that will make a seamless guest experience.”

With all the changes, Bruno said Trimper’s is not planning on selling any property.

Daniel Trimper Jr., the son of park originators Daniel and Margaret Trimper, died in 1965 and turned over the park to his son, Daniel Trimper III. He ran the park from the 1960s to the 1980s when he lost his leg, according to Bruno. His cousin, Granville Trimper and his family, then took over until his death in 2008.

The park will return to the Daniel Trimper Jr. side of the family with Bruno as president. She worked at the park as a teenager.

After working on Wall Street and starting a restaurant magazine, Bruno has returned home to run Trimper’s.

Substantial investments and preservation of 127-year history for Iconic Ocean City landmark

Coastal Point | April 22, 2020

As the nation deals with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the Trimper family is preparing to open as soon as it's safe to do so.

Trimper’s Rides, the oldest continuously family-owned and operated amusement park in the country, will have a new look this summer, with 10 new rides and renovated old favorites.

With the substantial investments being made to the park, representatives said visitors to Trimper’s this summer can enjoy fundamental improvements to the guest experience, along with a new “Thrill Pass” swipe card, “Pay One Price” wristbands (day and night) and free WiFi. As part of the revitalization, new food and beverage outlets are planned, including a special-events party room, improving the quality of meal options available, they said.

Building on the historical appeal of some of its longest-existing attractions, the Trimper’s team — consisting of direct descendants leading back to its 1893 founder Daniel Trimper, along with some of its longtime staff and new management members — will be looking to their archives and those of the Maryland and Worcester historical societies to ensure the renovation is historically accurate while introducing modern-day technologies and conveniences.

Antoinette Bruno and Scott Savage, Windsor Resort’s board members leading the charge said, “It’s a privilege to lead this revitalization project and ensure the future success of such an iconic part of Ocean City.”

Trimper Family Announces Changes In Leadership; 11 New Rides Planned For Downtown Park

The Dispatch | Shawn Soper | Mar 18, 2020

OCEAN CITY — A change in the management of the historic Trimper’s Rides was announced this week, but the branch of the iconic family taking over the reins has vowed continuity at the fixture on the south end of the Boardwalk for over 125 years.

Since 1890, the Trimper family has owned and operated the historic Trimper’s Rides amusement park and other businesses at the south end of the Boardwalk, collectively known as Windsor Resort Inc. At different times during the park’s rich 125-year-plus history, various branches of the Trimper family, extending out in a long family tree from founder Daniel B. Trimper and his wife Margaret, have managed the park.

On the eve of the 2020 season, a season marked with uncertainty at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, the management of Trimper’s Rides is changing again. The Granville Trimper family, which has operated the park since 1980, announced this week in a formal statement, a different branch of the same historic tree will be running Trimper’s Rides going forward in 2020.

“For over 25 years, the Trimper family has been putting smiles on the faces of children of all ages,” the Granville Trimper family’s statement reads. “As we prepare for the 2020 season, we have undergone a change in management here at the park. The Granville Trimper family will be stepping aside to allow a different branch of Trimpers to take Trimper’s Rides into a new decade.”

The Granville Trimper family extended thanks to the many generations that have made the iconic park such an important part of their Ocean City experience for well over a century and wished the best of luck to the new management team.

“It has been our distinct pleasure to bring happiness and joy to all who walked through our doors for over 125 years,” the family’s statement reads. “We would like to thank you all for letting us be a part of your family’s memories and we wish all the best to the new management team on their future.”

With change comes uncertainty and it is not yet clear what the Trimper family’s new management team has in store for the park. For generations, the family has tip-toed a fine line between maintaining the nostalgia enjoyed by generations and keeping the park new and fresh for future generations. Although the branch of the Trimper family taking over the management of the park has not made any official statement, the latest addition to the history of the park on the Trimper’s Rides website suggests the nostalgic elements will remain along with some new additions.

“A new generation of shareholders have taken over the park and are excited for its new plans for Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City’s 2020 season,” the latest section of the park’s history on the website reads. “The new management of Windsor Resort Inc. is proud to announce the addition of 11 new and exciting rides including Madagascar and Hang Ten coming to the park this spring, while still maintaining historic favorites such as our 1902 Herschel-Spillman carousel, Himalaya and Tidal Wave that have been enjoyed for generations.”

Daniel Trimper and his wife Margaret opened the park in 1893 with a pair of hotels and a handful of amusements. In 1900, after a severe storm, Daniel Trimper rebuilt the Sea Bright Hotel and modeled it after the Windsor Castle in Great Britain and the two hotels coupled with the growing amusement park became known as the Windsor Resort.

In 1912, Trimper’s purchased the massive carousel that still operates today from the Herschell-Spillman Company in New York. The massive carousel is 50 feet in diameter and was driven by a steam engine in the early days. The unique carousel features 45 animals including, of course, a variety of horses, but also includes a menagerie of other animals such as a cat, dog, frog, rooster, deer, goat, lion, tiger, ostrich, pig and dragon, for example.

Over the years, the Trimper’s added numerous rides in the historic indoor portion of the park and several have historical significance, including the smaller carousel and the kiddie Ferris wheel, which date to the 1920s. Trimper’s also has one of the largest collections of antique kiddie rides manufactured by kiddie ride pioneer William F. Mangels and the park is recognized for its vintage haunted house and pirate’s cove attractions.

In the 1950s, the Trimper family began adding outdoor rides and the pace of expansion increased through the 1960s with new rides being added nearly every year. One of the most popular rides in the park, the double-loop Tidal Wave roller coaster, was added in 1985 and has become a fixture on the downtown skyline.

Major changes: Trimper’s sees total shift in management

OC Today | Stewart Dobson | Mar 12, 2020

Sources familiar with the operations of the Trimper's Rides company said a big shift in management had occurred. Family members declined to comment. New directions possible under different leadership

Trimper’s Rides, the oldest continuously family-operated amusement park in the country, is about to undergo some changes, as will the family corporation, Windsor Resorts Inc., which owns the amusements and numerous other Boardwalk properties in Ocean City.

Exactly what kind of changes are unknown, except that the branch of the Trimper family that has managed the company since 1980, stepped down this week, thus allowing other members of the clan to assume control.


Trimper’s Rides and Amusement Park

Family Vacation Critic | January, 2020

Established in 1887, Trimper’s Rides and Amusement Park has been been a staple on Ocean City’s Boardwalk since anyone can remember. Located on the boardwalk near the inlet, the area includes over 100 rides and games. Relive your childhood on Trimpers newly restored 1902 Herschel-Spellman antique carousel featuring hand-carved wooded animals of every imaginable shape and size.


Who doesn’t love a carousel ride?

Trip Hobo | December, 2018

Who doesn’t love a carousel ride? Trimper’s Amusement Park has been providing this very joy to their guests for over 100 years now. This historic amusement park, known to have one of the oldest carousels in the country, has definitely changed over the years, but the element of fun is something they never compromise on. Bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, carnival cars, Ferris wheel, water boats and Wild West train, are just some of the highlights for children of this wonderland. You can also enter the magical world of Aladdin or be scared to your wit’s end at the Haunted House or lose yourself in Mirror Maze or board the Pirate’s ship. This place is a classic amusement park, blended with some thrilling new rides, that will definitely keep you excited.

Officials Celebrate Trimper’s 125th Anniversary In OC

Coast Dispatch | Aug 21,2018

OCEAN CITY – Gov. Larry Hogan joined state and local dignitaries last week to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Trimper’s Rides.

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony held in front of the park’s iconic Herschell-Spillman carousel last Friday, the governor, Comptroller Peter Franchot, local representatives and town officials recognized Trimper’s Rides for 125 years of operation.

“This is not just a special part of Ocean City, but really for the entire state of Maryland,” Hogan said. “This is known worldwide, and we want to congratulate you very much on your 125th season.”

In 1893, Daniel Trimper and his wife, Margaret, opened the park with two hotels and a handful of amusements, including live theater, boxing matches, gambling, a shooting gallery, a roller rink and a live alligator exhibit.

In 1912, the owners purchased the park’s iconic carousel from the Herschell-Spillman Company and in the years to follow added numerous rides to the indoor portion of the amusement park, including a smaller carousel and the kiddie Ferris wheel.

By the 1950s, the Trimper family added outdoor rides – with new rides being added year after year since the mid-1960s – and in 2016, the amusement park was recognized as the oldest family-owned and operated amusement park in the U.S.

Today, the park is run by fourth and fifth generations of the Trimper family, who were in attendance for last week’s ceremony.

Franchot praised the amusement park’s economic sustainability.

“This park has been a touchstone of Ocean City for families since Daniel and Margaret Trimper invested in the Boardwalk 125 years ago …,” he said. “It leaves a positive and indelible mark on the city of Ocean City. It’s a source of great pride to the state of Maryland. It’s businesses like this that are the heart and soul of our state’s economy.”

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan noted the generations of families that have made lasting memories at Trimper’s Rides.

“There are millions and millions of people over the last 125 years that would tell you that exact same story,” he said. “That’s what makes Ocean City special. That’s what makes Trimper’s Rides so special.”

Brooks Trimper, operations manager at Trimper’s Rides, thanked officials, amusement park staff and individuals for their support.

“We are honored and humbled by the amazing show of support from our state, our city, our town, our county,” he said. “We appreciate it and hope we can have another strong 125 years.”

Following speeches, the Trimper family was presented with citations from the governor, the comptroller, the Maryland General Assembly, the town of Ocean City and the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce.

Last week’s ceremony was a continuation of sorts in a year-long celebration of the park’s 125th anniversary. In June, for example, Trimper’s Rides was recognized by the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA) and the American Coasters Enthusiasts for its accomplishments.


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