Daniel B. Trimper and his wife, Margaret, arrived in Ocean City in 1890. By 1893 they were owners of boardwalk property between South Division and South First Streets, including two hotels: The Eastern Shore and the Sea Bright.

Rebuilding the Sea Bright in 1900 following a severe storm, the Trimper's modeled the new structure on Great Britain's Windsor Castle. The two hotels together with a theater and an amusement park thus became known as Windsor Resort.

A 1912 purchase also adds to the historic significance of Trimper's Rides. It was that year that Daniel Trimper purchased a massive carousel from the Herschell-Spillman Company in North Tonawanda, NY. It was 50 feet in diameter with a uniqueness derived from the only other carousel made by the firm at that time having been sent to Coney Island, and that one was later destroyed by fire.

The merry-go-round's forty-five animals, three chariots and one rocking chair were driven by a steam engine; rides originally cost just a nickel. One-hundred years later, the ride (now electrified) costs you six points as we move into the future with a new thrill card system. Classified as one of the oldest still operating carousels in the nation, generations of families come every year to ride their favorite animal. Smaller children tend to prefer the horses but many choose their own steed from among a menagerie of a cat, dog, frog, rooster, deer, goat, lion, tiger, ostrich, pig, dragon, et al.

Over the years the Trimper's added numerous rides; several of these rides also offer historic significance such as a smaller carousel which dates to the 1920's as does a kiddie ferris wheel. All the rides are kept in excellent working condition. If it were not for the gilt ornateness, beautiful hand-carved craftsmanship or wood versus metal you would find it difficult to know that parents -- and grandparents -- who, as children, once rode the same rides are now bringing their offspring to do the same.

In the 1950's the Trimper family added outdoor rides. The pace of expansion has increased since the mid-1960's with a new ride being added nearly year after year. The most popular ride in the outdoor park was bought in 1985: the double-loop boomerang "Tidal Wave" roller coaster. Other action favorites, among the 35 or more rides in the park, are the Rock & Roll Matterhorn and Himalaya, although parents with smaller children like the ones they can ride together, such as the colorful Balloon ride. The many games have their aficionados, as well, with stuffed animal prizes awarded to the winners at Frog Bog and Whac-A-Mole.

The Trimpers also added a retail shopping village to their corporate holdings, building the Inlet Village Shoppes in 1983. This area currently houses 14 shops, Harbor Watch restaurant and the Frog Bar, a limited menu restaurant.

Trimper's seven children and their descendants have also played important roles in Ocean City's political life and other businesses. Trimper's son, Daniel, Jr., managed Windsor Resort Corporation after his father's death, and served as Mayor of Ocean City for 16 years. In 1965, WWII veteran, Daniel Trimper III, was handed leadership of the park and nearly doubled its size with the purchase of the land and attractions of Melvin Amusements. In 1964, Grandville Trimper teamed up with Bill Tracy to create the Haunted House with scare technology and novel artistry that is Tracy's signature style. Five year's later, John and Maria Bilous wire hired to restore the cherished Herschell-Spillman Carousel to its formal glory. The last big change of the park for decades to come was the addition of the double loop Tidal Wave. Dan Trimper III ran a profitable amusement park until 1981 when he retired. After Dan Trimper III retired his cousin Grandville Trimper and family took over the day to day operations until 2020.


A new generation of shareholders have taken over the park and are excited to share its new plans for Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City’s 2020 Season.

​The new management of Windsor Resort​ Inc​ is proud to announce​ the addition of 11 new and exciting rides including Madagascar and Hang Ten coming to the park this spring, while still maintaining historic favorites such as our 1902 Herschel-Spillman Carousel, Haunted House, Pirates Cove, Himalaya and the Tidal Wave that have been enjoyed for generations.

Trimper’s is introducing new Thrill Cards that will offer a variety of pricing and discounts. You decide how much money to put on it, and because it’s reusable, it can be refilled at any time even from your phone! Also coming this summer is a new Night-time Pay One Price Armband to meet the needs of our customers.

We'll have free wifi available this summer throughout the park. Trimper’s will honor existing tickets and ride passes until Labor Day this year.